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German Designer Turns Orthotics into Futuristic and Beautiful Designs

In her Defects collection, a German-born designer Annelie Gross explores the relationship between medical aids and body deformities. Her inspiration came from the fact that medical aids typically look rather unsightly, even when they provide a positive benefit to the wearer. With this collection, she hoped to challenge the way people perceive body deformities and orthoses. By recreating medical aids, …

AshleyGerman Designer Turns Orthotics into Futuristic and Beautiful Designs
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Frida Kahlo: Grace in a Life of Vulnerability

Frida Kahlo was a surrealist painter, born and raised in Mexico City, whose work has been celebrated as an emblem of national and indigenous traditions.She was often isolated due to physical injuries sustained during her teenage years. As a result, these experiences influenced her work, which is mostly comprised of self portraits. In her art, she features herself in colorful …

Ashley B.Frida Kahlo: Grace in a Life of Vulnerability
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7 One-derful Swimsuits We Love

This just in: One-piece swimsuits don’t have to be for your six year old sister or your eighty-six year old grandmother. Whether you’re looking for modesty, a little extra fabric to conceal the seventeen boxes of mint Oreos you ate this winter, or are just loving that they’re coming back in style, we have a list of 7 gorgeous one-pieces …

Jessie K.7 One-derful Swimsuits We Love
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The Dream Team – Fashion Edition

There is absolutely no shame in not knowing what teams are left in the NBA playoffs. There are only a few of us that actually have an idea of what team to root for, probably because it happens to be our home team and our feeds are filled with relentless posts about it. A conversation about sports can get way …

Victor R.The Dream Team – Fashion Edition
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3D Printer Turned Tattoo Artist

We’ve all heard of 3D printed fashion, but a few design students from ENSCI les Ateliers in France have taken 3D printing a step further, turning a 3D printer into a robotic tattoo artist. Masterminds Pierre Emm, Johan Da Silveira and Piotr Widelka recently found a way to hack a 3D printer to create an image on human skin.The project …

Ashley B.3D Printer Turned Tattoo Artist
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If you haven’t already picked up some insight into the working mind of Sophia Amoruso, you’re missing out. In her book #GIRLBOSS, not only does she refuse to sugar coat her personal knowledge, advice, and experiences, she just lays everything out there for all to read. The Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal shares her story on how she got …

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Wearing Her Story

I love a good story. Reading a tale, hearing a narration, watching a scene played out in front of me; I so delight in a story. I am a firm believer that clothing holds stories just as much as any novel. Important garments have woven their way in and out of our closets, and been worn on occasions we fondly …

Meghan F.Wearing Her Story